Thank you for visiting my photography website!

(For the best viewing experience (on a pc anyway), please change your browser window to a 2 by 3 ratio. A calibration picture can be found here.)

The website consists of 2 main parts: a blog and my galleries. Both can be accessed through the menu top right-hand corner.

  • In the Blog, I am posting regularly series of pictures on which you can comment. Please see the blog as a kind of light box: roughly sorted photos, hardly Photoshopped, just cropped to my liking. Ready to be selected by you for the Best Of Gallery. Comments are welcome, but please stay professional and constructive. (a voting system will be implemented real soon)
  • In the Galleries, I try to compile, based on your comments and my own gut feeling, what I think are photographs worth to be ranked as Better or Best.

For the last 10 years or so, I have not parted from my current “gear”: a Nikon D300, armed with the AF-S Nikkor 17-55 mm 1:2.8 G-ED. The only lens I own and the only lens I need. It is not very discreet and quite intimidating when shooting on the streets 🙂 Maybe I should consider a companion camera, such as a Leica or Fujifilm … any sponsors??


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